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Product Description
The F/T sensor system measures all six components of force and torque. It consists of a transducer, shielded high-flex cable, and intelligent ISA or stand-alone controller.

The compact and rugged monolithic transducer uses silicon strain gauges to sense forces. The transducer's silicon strain gauges provide high noise immunity and allow high overload protection, which is standard on all models.


ATI offers a line of DAQ F/T transducers that produce an output that can be read by a data acquisition card that has six channels available.  This configuration allows ATI transducers to be integrated into any PC or laptop, creating a more flexible system.  ATI provides data acquisition cards and integral power supply or you can provide your own.  The ATI DAQ F/T transducers use a state-of-the-art interface board on or near the transducer providing an extremely low-noise signal.  The data acquisition card reads the signals and ATI software converts those signals to force and torque output. 


Controller F/T
The stand-alone controller outputs forces and torques (F/T values) via the standard RS-232 serial port at a variety of baud rates, and as
voltages via an analog port. Digital discrete I/O capability is available for signaling user-programmed F/T thresholds, monitoring system health, and biasing (zeroing) F/T values.


Built-in Capabilities
Both the DAQ F/T and Controller F/T provide a variety of powerful functions:

Tool transformations translate and/or rotate the F/T reference frame.

Demo software allows configuration and basic data logging capabilities

Biasing provides a convenient way to offset tool weight.

Increased system throughput is possible by reducing the number of axes of output.

Temperature compensation option insures accuracy over a wide temperature range.


Key Features and Benefits

Overload protection: The F/T transducer is extremely rugged and durable. All transducer models can withstand high overload.

High signal-to-noise ratio: Silicon gages provide a signal 75 times stronger than conventional foil gages. This signal is amplified resulting in near-zero noise distortion.

High-speed output of over 7800 Hz with ISA controller exceeds requirements for most applications.

Prompt delivery of standard F/T models.

Custom F/T sensors can be designed and built to your specifications.

Application assistance by experienced engineers.

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